Treating Migraine with BOTOX®

Treating Migraine with BOTOX® has published a great article on BOTOX® for Migraine as part of their Living with Migraine series. In it, they cover a variety of Frequently Asked Questions regarding how BOTOX® is used to prevent headaches and what it is like to undergo this treatment procedure. 

We’ve covered some of the key points below, but we also encourage you to read the original article in full.

BOTOX® and migraine

BOTOX®  is frequently covered by insurance companies, but you may need to do a little extra work to “prove” their effectiveness. That might mean keeping a headache journal or submitting written reports.

There’s a “recipe” protocol of BOTOX® injections that involve 31 injections in very specific places “in the face, scalp and neck.” The injections generally feel like a pinch or prick; not overly painful, but some may sting.

Some people see results very quickly; others take 2-3 treatments. For those who find BOTOX® effective, the treatment generally lasts 8-10 weeks.

Got more questions? Check out the article and then link through to some of the patient experiences with Botox that has included.

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