Cluster Headache Resources

Cluster Headache Resources

There are few books written about cluster headaches for patients, their families, and even medical professionals to look to for advice on treatment and quality of life. Ashley S. Hattle’s book is exactly that.

Cluster Headaches: A Guide to Surviving One of the Most Painful Conditions Known to Man is a thorough guide to living with cluster headaches. It goes into great detail about diagnosis, treatment, and salvaging a normal life living with what’s considered to be one of the most insidious pains a human being can experience. 

Ashley S Hattle’s book can be purchased on her website, through Amazon, or in person at The Headache Center. 

Clusterbusters is an organization by patients for patients, and hosts an annual conference in September to bring patients, their families, and medical professionals together in one place to discuss all aspects of cluster headaches, share stories, and support each other. 

Clusterbusters also has an extensive patient message board, where patients can go to ask questions about cluster headaches and find support.

 This organization is dedicated to furthering research and education on cluster headaches to find effective, long-lasting pain relief, and someday, a cure. Learn more at is a worldwide cluster headache support group where anyone with or interested in cluster headaches can go to learn more and discuss the condition with real patients.

This website offers vital information, patient message boards, a quiz on cluster headaches, and more.

This site is also where patients and medical professionals can purchase the “ClusterO2 Kit” which is the nonrebreather mask designed specifically for cluster patients to abort attacks with high-flow oxygen correctly. Learn more at

There are several ongoing clinical trials on cluster headaches which can be found on

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