Chronic Migraine: Have you been correctly diagnosed?

Chronic Migraine: Have you been correctly diagnosed?

According to a study presented at the Academy of Neurology’s annual conference, of the 1,254 people who met the criteria of chronic migraine only 40.8% reported seeking a health care provider for treatment. Of those seeing treatment, only a quarter had been accurately diagnosed with chronic migraine. And of those diagnosed, only 44.4% were receiving minimally appropriate treatment.

This means that of the original 1,254 participants in the study, only 4.5% received treatment that was appropriate for their condition.

Appropriate migraine treatment is complex, but it is not impossible or unachievable. A Headache Specialist can help you find the help that you need. There are three essential components for appropriate treatment of migraine:


You may be well-informed about migraines and familiar with your own symptoms and experiences, but only a headache specialist can accurately assess your condition, bearing in mind all possible causes and contributing factors, and provide accurate information.


Diagnosis is a critical component of treatment, because many migraine symptoms can also be related to other causes. In order to receive appropriate treatment, it must be clearly established that your symptoms are indeed caused by migraine and not by some other underlying condition. 


Proper treatment for headache and migraine conditions involves more than a simple prescription. A holistic treatment plan is typically necessary, and this can involve many factors such as lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, prescription medication, and more.


Unless your provider is a headache specialist, you may not be receiving optimal care for your primary headache condition. You may wait several months to get an appointment with a neurologist, spend several hours in the waiting room, and only get 5-15 minutes of face time with the provider.

In order to get a thorough history and comprehensive examination, a headache specialist spends at least an hour of time with a new patient. Thirty minutes or more are spent digging deep into the history and physical assessment, while the other 30 minutes or more are spent with the staff team on patient education and instruction on the specific diagnosis, lifestyle management, medication compliance, and common side effects the patients may experience. The patient is sent home with a comprehensive instruction plan with evidence base articles on every aspect of the diagnosis and prescription plan. 


Remember, only 4.5% of those with chronic migraine were found to be receiving even basic care and treatment for their condition. If you experience migraine headaches, it is very likely that you are not receiving appropriate treatment. 

Do not be one of the 95.5% who do not find relief for their migraines! Do not live another day without an exceptional, holistic treatment plan from a qualified headache specialist. 

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