Aimovig™ Is Here: What you need to know

Aimovig™ Is Here: What you need to know

AIMOVIG is the first drug ever developed for the prevention of migraine in adults. AIMOVIG is the first FDA-approved CGRP receptor block. AIMOVIG is now available at THE HEADACHE CENTER in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Call to schedule your appointment today: 601-366-0855. AIMOVIG is a monthly subcutaneous injection that can be administered conveniently in the clinic or at home with an autoinjector pen (similar to an epi pen). AIMOVIG is a highly specific drug that blocks the actions of CGRP. It’s safety and efficacy has been demonstrated in clinical trials for 12-18 month in over 2000 subjects.


AIMOVIG is well tolerated in patients. It has a very low side effect profile. The most common reactions are pain, itching and redness at the injection site (5-6% in the AIMOVIG group compared to 3% in the control group that got placebo), which typically is mild and resolves within days. Constipation was also noted in 3% of the clinical trial subjects that received higher dosages, compared to the placebo-control group at 1%.
The great news is that there are no contraindications and drug-drug interactions have not been documented and are highly unlikely due to the mechanism of action of this drug.
AIMOVIG, a migraine prevention drug, gave patients significantly more headache-free days per month when compared to the placebo group in the clinical trials.
AIMOVIG has not been studied in the pediatric population, the elderly, or pregnant and lactating women and thus, should be used with caution in these vulnerable populations. If you are pregnant, nursing or planning to become pregnant, please notify your provider BEFORE starting AIMOVIG.
If you have a latex allergy, you should tell your provider before taking AIMOVIG, as the autoinjector pen does contain a rubber need cap which may cause an allergic reaction in individuals that are sensitive to latex.


The Headache Center in Ridgeland, Mississippi is the first place in Mississippi to offer this revolutionary migraine prevention drug. Are you ready for more headache-free days? For your free trial of AIMOVIG, call to schedule your appointment today with our headache specialists. 601-366-0855.
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