5 Fast Facts about BOTOX® for Chronic Migraine

5 Fast Facts about BOTOX® for Chronic Migraine

Did you know that BOTOX®—yes, that BOTOX®—is an FDA-approved treatment for chronic migraine? Many patients have reported success with this treatment. Check out these 5 Fast Facts to learn more about it:

1. yes, it's "that" botox®

BOTOX® is a form of botulinum toxin that is commonly injected for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing wrinkles. The FDA approved its use for the treatment of chronic migraine in 2010, and many patients have reported success with this treatment.

2. BOTOX® prevents migraine attacks before they start

BOTOX® is injected around certain “hot spots” for migraine pain, where it blocks the neurotransmitters that tell muscles to contract and send pain signals to the brain. It is a preventative treatment, and is not effective when treating an ongoing migraine attack.

3. it takes time for botox® to be effective

Patients should not expect immediate results with BOTOX®, though some may experience success with their first treatment. It can take 2 or 3 treatments to begin experiencing relief, and up to 6 months to reach the full benefit.

4. BOTOX® is successful, but temporary

Some patients have reported up to a 50% reduction in migraine attacks with BOTOX®, but the benefit is temporary. Injections must be repeated every 10 weeks to maintain effectiveness. 

5. MOST INSURANCE PLANS cover BOTOX® for chronic migraine

Because BOTOX® is FDA approved for the treatment of Chronic Migraine in adults, it is covered under most insurance plans. However, please note that many plans will require you to have tried two other preventative treatments unsuccessfully before approving BOTOX®. 

The Headache Center in Ridgeland, Mississippi is highly experienced in the administration of BOTOX® for chronic migraine. Are you ready for more headache-free days? Contact us to schedule your appointment today with our headache specialists.

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