5 Fast facts about Aimovig™ for Migraine

5 Fast facts about Aimovig™ for Migraine

Aimovig™—the first of a new class of drugs designed to treat migraine by blocking CGRP—is now available at The Headache Center! Check out these 5 Fast Facts to learn more about it:

1. AIMOVIG™ is the first drug ever developed for the prevention of migraine in adults.

It may sound surprising, especially to migraine patients, but it’s true: a drug has never before been developed specifically to prevent migraine or cluster headache.

There are a variety of drugs currently in use to prevent migraine. However, these drugs were all developed specifically to treat other conditions. It was only later, after they had been brought to market, that these medications were found to also be helpful in treating migraine. 

2. AIMOVIG™ is the first FDA-approved CGRP receptor block.

Researchers have been studying the role of CGRP in migraine and exploring the potential of CGRP-blocking drugs for over a decade. Now, with Aimovig™, the first fruits of that labor are available for patients. (Learn more about CGRP research here.)

3. AIMOVIG™ has been thoroughly studied for safety.

Aimovig™ is a highly specific drug that blocks the actions of CGRP. It may be new to the market, but it is not new to research: it’s safety and efficacy has been demonstrated in clinical trials for 12-18 month in over 2000 subjects.

4. AIMOVIG™ can be administered in the clinic or at home.

Aimovig™ is so simple to administer, the patient can even do so at home if she chooses! It is a monthly subcutaneous injection via an autoinjector pen (similar to an epi pen), and can be done conveniently at the clinic or at home.

5. AIMOVIG™ is now available at THE HEADACHE CENTER in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

The Headache Center in Ridgeland, Mississippi is the first place in Mississippi to offer this revolutionary migraine prevention drug. Are you ready for more headache-free days? For your free trial of AIMOVIG, contact us to schedule your appointment today with our headache specialists.

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