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    review rating 5  I absolutely LOVE The Headache Center and the staff! I have been headache free every since coming here! Not to mention, the staff are so friendly and welcoming! I recommend them to everyone!

    thumb Tracie Anderson Vowell

    review rating 5  Jenna was very Informative. She treated you like she cared about you as a person and wanted to help you get better. Highly recommend her.

    thumb Tony Eichelberger

    review rating 5  Quick and helpful!!! Feeling much better today after Imitrex shot and SPG block!!! Thanks so much!!!

    thumb Nicki Hales Raymond

    review rating 5  I get good results every time I go to The Headache Center. The past three months I have be taking nerve block infections and between that and my meds I have my good days and my bad days still but more good than than bad which is a plus to me.

    thumb Ginger Parker

    review rating 5  My first visit I was very impressed as the entire staff showed that they actually cared for my headaches when even Neurologist have never done anything help. I now have a rescue treatment that is non narcotic. I highly recommend anybody suffering from migraines to give them a try.

    thumb Scott Harrison Williams

    review rating 5  I love this place and if u are having headache please good see them they are the best

    thumb Deonna MsDee Travis

    review rating 5  I didn’t think it was possible to have a headache free day until I came here ! I’m so thankful I found the Headache Center!

    thumb Lisa Beasley Hathcock

    review rating 5  Very quick service. Very informative! Explains everything in detail so there is no gap left open to wonder about anything. Love the office set up and how the experience is to enhance customer satisfaction. Also love that they have products available to purchase for certain things prescribed.

    thumb Brittany Davisha Howell

    review rating 5  Jenna does my Botox and she is amazing!! She is very understanding and so sweet!! The clinic has a wonderful atmosphere and everyone is super nice. I highly recommend this clinic if you are a migraine sufferer like me.

    thumb Shauna N Brandon Rhodes

    review rating 5  They are awesome. It meant so much to have someone to listen to me and evaluate me rather than just prescribe meds and send me out the door. The staff is great!! Would recommend to anyone! Wish I would have done this sooner.

    thumb Lee Deerman Whittington

    review rating 5  Awesome ppl. Listened to my every symptom. I feel better already knowing that I have a plan for reducing my headaches ��

    thumb Lori Britt

    review rating 5  I think I will finally get some relief. I finally have someone listening to me about my horrible headaches and not just brushing me off like it’s nothing. I go back every four weeks.

    thumb Melissa Lorraine Hancock

    review rating 5  On my first visit I had Jenna, she was amazing. Put me at ease and came up with a treatment plan to help with my chronic migraine episode and maintenance plan. I’m still going for MFR, but to drop from constant multiple daily headaches to just 2 a week right now has been amazing. The whole clinic is caring, understanding and empathetic to sufferers and they really want to help you figure out your triggers, sources and help you stop and prevent migraines. Highly recommend.

    thumb Val Alley

    review rating 5  They are so amazing. Felt like I was at home. And made some new friends. Love y’all!!

    thumb Melissa Martin

    review rating 5  I own a physical therapy practice and I have the pleasure to talk to patients from this clinic daily and they are by far the happiest patients I deal with. They voice how professional the staff is and how they don’t have to wait months to get in for a visit. Thanks Headache Center for providing such a great service to migraine suffers!!!

    thumb Jerome Foster

    review rating 5  I absolutely loved everything about this place!!!! I haven’t gone a day without a headache in I couldn’t tell you how long! Today we traveled three hours to be seen by this awesome place! I actually had nerve blocks done the same day! I’ve been now twelve hours straight without one headache at all I usually suffer from 4-5 a day! I will be back for sure!

    thumb Miranda Mizell

    review rating 5  This place has been an absolute life changer for me. Even on my worst migraine days it’s an amazing comfort to know there are people working with me, providing me with multiple treatment options and always taking my individual needs into account. Rebecca is an outstanding medical professional, always taking time with her patients and being very accessible to answer any question or respond to any concern. Chronic migraine can drive you to some dark places. I have laughed in this office and I have cried in this office, but I have always felt validation and empathy under the care of Rebecca and her staff.

    thumb Risa Bruner

    review rating 5  Great group of ladies! They get the job done… Very consistent

    thumb Stephanie Fluellen-Wilkerson

    review rating 5  These ladies are awesome! I was seen by internal medicine, ENT, and primary care, all without any answers about the cause of my headaches. After talking to the nurse practitioner at the Headache Center for 30 minutes at my first visit, she correctly diagnosed what was going on with me. Through her guidance and referrals I am now healed! I am so thankful that God used these ladies to give me my life back. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who suffers with headaches of any kind.

    thumb Heather Hollis Davis

    review rating 5  They have enhanced my quality of life and I am forever grateful. The staff is very kind and helpful.

    thumb Emily Bennett

    review rating 5  My fiancé has had a headache for 3 years now and has seen a neurologist and been on a number of medications for PAIN. The Headache Center has finally given him RELIEF! Becca and the staff were great and gave us answers for the first time in 3 years! They are going to treat his HEADACHE! Thank y’all so much and we are excited for this journey to recovery! Today is the first day in 3 years that he does not have a headache! I’m crying tears of joy!!!

    thumb Blair Ryle Vollmuth

    review rating 5  Been with Christina from the beginning wouldn’t have anyone else handle my migraines! She and her staff are gems!

    thumb Debi Aikman-Jessen

    review rating 5  – Today is the day my whole world changed for the better!! If facebook had customized ratings, I’d give these ladies a TRILLION cute little blue stars!!!

    thumb Tracy McMinn

    review rating 5  Absolutely a LIFE SAVER! I suffered from Chronic Headaches! (Luckily we found out they are seasonal) but Christina and her staff are beautifully amazing!! God put them on earth for me and many many more! They TRULY care!!

    thumb Brandi Ray

    review rating 5  They listened, they cared and took my problem seriously. In a matter of minutes I had a diagnosis and within a few days relief! I’m so glad I found this place!

    thumb Melissa Deann McCoy

    review rating 5  Christina goes above and beyond to help you with your migraines. I will never go any where else!

    thumb Tanya Whittle

    review rating 5  Christina is the best. I love going in and seeing her. She has been a big with these migraines.

    thumb Ashley-Timothy Kaylin-Cordell Hawkins

    review rating 5  What can I say I went in thinking I wouldn’t get help that this was just another doctor.. but she isnt!! After getting the right help I needed and my shots my swelling is gone my headache is gone for the first time in my life I cried with tears of joy!!! I love the staff I wish I could give yall more stars!! Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family

    thumb Tamaran Bardwell

    review rating 5  These people are awesome! Really know what they are doing!

    thumb Darrell Simpson

    review rating 5  I feel very excited to have some great options for relieving my headaches! Even started with nerve blocks on my first visit! Loving the numbness! The entire staff was very personable and showed a strong desire to help feel better! Looking forward to my new meds and hopefully days without headaches!

    thumb Erica Faust Stevenson

    review rating 5  Life saver! 🙂 I definitely need to gp back! The service is excellent and the atmosphere is tailored tp those with migraines!

    thumb Rene Crawford

    review rating 5  Julie Reed & the entire staff gets 5*****! She wasn’t going to let me leave without a plan to get rid of my headaches. And that included finding a doctor to do a same day spinal tap so that we could rule out a return of a Psudeo tumor. Then she stayed after hours to see me again to set a plan in motion.

    thumb Shanna Trim White

    review rating 5  Went for the first time today and LOVED it!! Kim, the MA, was so sweet, and Christina, the NP, is awesome..

    thumb Kayla Leann Lloyd

    review rating 5  Christina and her staff have provided the most caring, empathetic care I have ever received in the health care arena. BOTOX injections have greatly lessened the impact that Chronic migraines have had on my life. There are not enough superlatives to describe the gratefulness I feel for The Headache Center.

    thumb Jacqui Katool

    review rating 5  I love The Headache Center! The staff treats everyone like family. I feel so comfortable even when I am having a horrible migraine and that is saying something. Thank you to all the staff and Merry Christmas!

    thumb Debbie Moore

    review rating 5  Thank you to everyone at The Headache Center today. I woke up with a severe mirigrane this morning and the minute I walked in the door they knew I was having a bad day. They immediately offered me a room to lay down in til I saw the nurse. The nurse was amazing she explained everything to me as well as answering any questions that I had. So happy to know that I’m having Chronic Mirigranes and she gave me some medicine to help maintain them as well as knowing and hopefully no more dizzy, nauseated, passing out, and sleepless days all from their help. Thank you!

    thumb Carrie Reifers

    review rating 5  So thankful for these wonderful ladies. First time in 3 years I have a plan and for the first day in weeks I have tools to help me and stop the pain.

    thumb Simonne Jordan

    review rating 5  Christina is amazing!! Beautiful facility and professional atmosphere!! No wait time at all!! Highly recommend to any of my friends who suffer from chronic migraines or headaches!!

    thumb Lyndsey Gove Rigby

    review rating 5  Great place and great people!!! 21 headache days in one month, after visiting them I’ve only had 8 headache days In 2 months. Completely changed my quality of life and Helped me so so much!

    thumb Brianna Tisdale Langley

    review rating 5  They really care!!

    thumb David Phillips

    review rating 5  Awesome awesome awesome….

    thumb Mary Homan

    review rating 5  I lived with headaches daily for years before I came here and now I go nearly a month between headaches. Cristina and her staff have absolutely changed my quality of life. I recommend the Headache Center to anyone with any type of headache problems no matter how far they have to travel.

    thumb Brad Collins

    review rating 5  If you want relief from headaches then The Headache Center is your answer! Thanks Christina for using your knowledge and training to improve my quality of life! Living with chronic migraine is very trying and it’s great to have someone who truly takes treating headaches to another level!

    thumb Julie Watts Reed

    review rating 5  Christina Treppendahl is AWESOME! Her whole staff is very professional and caring! They go above and beyond to help me with my headaches!

    thumb Debbie McPherson Edwards

    review rating 5  Christina and Liesel are amazing!!! I love y’all!!

    thumb Keely Ballard Adams

    review rating 4  Beautiful .beautiful

    thumb Dorothy Mccullum

    review rating 5  Beautifull facility, professional & very informative staff. Highly recommend Christina Treppendahl !

    thumb Bridgette Ramage Dillion

    review rating 4  It great to have. We need one here in Mississippi.

    thumb Lucille Austin

    review rating 1  I had this headache for 3 days now and I need to visit the center. I heard great things.

    thumb Cathelean Beard

    review rating 5  Excellent great staff

    thumb Elizabeth Bacon Brooks

    review rating 5  In last 11 days I have had 7 migraines and today it reached off the charts. I went to see my favorite people at The Headache Center. I was convinced my brain had exploded. Let me add that I’m a mother of two and delivered a 9lb baby w/o an epidural (not by choice), have had a 10mm kidney stone, ruptured ovary, etc so I know pain! Within two hours I was home resting pain free with zero narcotics! Those woman are so companionate and are miracle workers! Thank you!!

    thumb Tracie Branton Dupuy

    review rating 5  Wonderful people! And the only ones who could diagnose my headaches correctly!

    thumb Henry Farr

    review rating 5  Everyone is super helpful and always returns my calls promptly. They are willing to do whatever they can to help get rid of your headaches. I trust that they know what they are doing and they are on top of the latest meds/techniques. I definitely recommend them.

    thumb Renee White Lovelace

    review rating 5  I’m finally getting some relief from my migraines. Before, I was just existing…thank you ladies!

    thumb Deanna Miles Allen

    review rating 5  If you are looking for relief from migraines and headache pain this is the place. The office is beautiful and peaceful. The service modern with a very personal touch. The staff knows what they are doing and ready to help solve your problems. I highly recommend you make an appointment to visit Christina Treppendahl and her staff. It is also close by located in the Renaissance at Colony Park.

    thumb Christine Martin Kelly

    review rating 5  It is borderline unreal 🙂

    thumb G.w. Cable

    review rating 5  The most awesome place, awesome dr.’s and staff would not go anywhere else.

    thumb Russell N Stephanie Wilson

    review rating 5  A fabulous facility with a very professional staff!

    thumb D.I. Smith

    review rating 4  Great place ..that will do great things to help people with headaches

    thumb Sid Robinson
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